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News Archive - from the past
5 October 2006 - Update
The new version (V26) is going well so far. We added new maps, and even a several full quests that are being tested at the moment. A minor problem has showed up with mixing multple quests (yes in EO you can start multiple quests at once) Vult-r is trying to make a patch for it. In the meanwhile we are trying to add a few more quests to the game as well. Please check out this website daily, we will let you know when V26 is ready and available for download!

29 September 2006 - Reminder
Please change your password once in a while, so its harder for anyone to guess your password. This will help keeping your account safe.

9 July 2006 - V25 available for download
This release is a mandatory upgrade, so everyone has to download and install this version. You can find new features, maps, monsters and items in the new version. Please visit the download page to download your copy today :)

15 June - New gameserver IP:
You have to change the gameserver IP to to continue playing, all your items/exp are savely transfered and waiting for you on the new server.

25 May 2006 - Webstats enabled
The webstats running again, only have to patch out a few glitches like the 36434 server uptime. Also the gameserver is now able to carry 900 players at the same time -vult-r

21 May 2006 - Webstats temporary disabled
With a new database thread running on the gameserver we reached over 900 players online. To keep it running so smooth the webstats need some recoding as well. As soon as its done the stats will be showing up to date stats again.

7 May 2006 - V24 update
This is a recommended update that everyone should install. It adds several performance and security features. You can download the new setup from our download page

2 April 2006 - V24 update
By popular demand we have developed a version upgrade which offer the possibility to reset all used stat and skills points. New and existing users are free to download the new setup from our download page

26 March 2006 - V24 is here
We have released the new v24 version that will bring basic stat support, marriages and new npc behaviour. The full list of features can be found on the version history page. You can download the new client from the download page

14 March 2006 - Contest
Due to the success of the last drawing contest, Mizzy is holding another drawing contest. New round, new chances, and a great opportunity to win great prizes. for more information about the contest here

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