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Technical MMORPG information - EO+ Script engine
EO+ was designed to be a simple 'script language' based on states, actions and rules. Basically an EO+ script is a text file, loaded by the gameserver, which has a buildin safe enviroment to execute all the instructions given inside the script.

eo+ layout example

EO+ parser / loader
At launch time the gameserver scans for all scripts inside its /quest directory, parses the syntax and creates all needed objects into memory, from that point the server doesnt access the script files anymore to gain speed.

EO+ execution
The moment a player logs on its current quests get loaded into memory and the needed event hooks are attached to the things the player has to do. If a RULE of the quest was satisfied the engine will attach the next state, execute its actions, dettach all the old RULEs events, and attach the new event codes.

EO+ storage
Finally all quest progress gets saves into database again, to allow the player to continue the quest at a later time. The quest engine can keep track up to 20 quest at the same time, so the player is able to work on multiple quests if he/she wants to.

Inside the game itself we created some information windows that can show the player which quests he/she has started, and in what state. So the player knows what he/she is supposed to do to make the quest advance into a next state.

EO+ syntax
Here is a code example of a valid EO+ script, that can be loaded into the gameserver, it uses simple code:

	questname 	"Pjedro's Potion Quest"
	version		2.0

state Begin
	desc		"Talk to Pjedro"

	action		AddNpcText( 1 , "Hello , I am pjedro the only wizzard" );
	action		AddNpcText( 1 , "I really need some green potions..");
	action		AddNpcChat( 1 , "Please help me find 10 green potions?");

	action		AddNpcInput( 1 , 1 , "No, this stuff scares me");
	action		AddNpcInput( 1 , 2 , "Sure, i will help you");

	rule 		InputNpc( 1 ) goto Lose
	rule 		InputNpc( 2 ) goto FindPotions

state FindPotions
	desc		"Find 10 green potions" 
	rule 		GotItems( 'green potion' , 10 ) goto GetReward


state GetReward
	desc		"Talk to Pjedro for reward"
	action		ShowHint("You got all the items needed!");

	action		AddNpcText( 1 , "Did you find my green potions?");
	action		AddNpcInput( 1 , 1 , "No thank you, find your own");
	action		AddNpcInput( 1 , 2 , "Sure, here you are");

	rule 		InputNpc( 1 ) goto Lose;
	rule 		InputNpc( 2 ) goto Reward;

	rule 		LostItems( 'green potion' , 10 ) goto FindPotions

state Reward{ 

	action		RemoveItem( 'green potion' , 10)
	action		GiveItem( 'juewel ring' );
	action		Reset();

state Lose{ 

	action		ShowHint("You are a coward!");
	action		Reset(); 


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