Technical MMORPG information - Client history
Currently we have a fast isometric client that can be run full-screen or as a window. It's the result of many months development, in this article you will read about some of the breakthroughs that were made so far:

From 2D to isometric
Initially we wanted to create a 2D client offering sprites to move in 8 directions but soon we moved to a different system because we wanted to give all players to have an unique look and feel, so more and more graphics were needed. Since the small amount of artists we decided to go for a isometric view with only 4 movements. The wonderfull thing about this is that: 1. isometric looks way better than the old 2D topdown view, 2. with the help of direct x and it's mirror blt's we only had to design half the ammount of graphics! The other graphics are simply mirrored, see picture below:

free 2d mmorpg

Another big advantage of the isometric client is that not only players can be mirrored but basically every graphical resource can be mirrored, for example walls, chairs, items.... The following picture will show you how we created the left and right walls with only ONE resource:

Adding alpha blending
To make it easier for players to interact with each other we created visual text balloons, first they were solid white but when Vult-t implemented alpha blending the text balloon became semi transparent, the text balloons were no long blocking sight. Later the alpha blending can be used to support special effects , lightning effects and other drag and drop operations.

Map Format
The world will consist out of several maps, linked to eachother. The map support several layers so mappers and artist have unlimited freedom creating all kind of terrains.

mmorpg map format

To be continued..

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