MMORPG Server abilities
The server park consist out of 2 servers, a game server and a database server. The sever support several clients to gain access to its content, here is an overview:

free 2d mmorpg

Game server remote control
The normal players can connect to the server using the game clients. server sysop and administrators can use a special program to gain more control of the server. The main server engine is designed to be fast, steady and stable so a fancy userinterface with many many options and stuff inside doenst fit. The number of players and used bandwidth (up and downstream) is basically all you can see on the gameserver. The only way to change or set options to the server is by using this remote application.

Database remote control
The database can only be accessed with the remote database setup tool, its included in the server package and it will automatically configure the database sothe gameserver can communicate with it. The remote database program give sysop's access to the endless database so they can modify the database, tables or user informations if needed.

Php enhanced websites
Last but not least, the mysql database is extremely suitable to give websites the ability to show all kind of realtime game information. The remote database application will create and secure such access and generate template php files that can be cut and paste on ANY webserver supported with php. If needed, programmers can modify the php code or create their own, other CGI scripts like perl are also an option but wont be supported by us. Dont worry if your not a website programmer, if you can cut and paste a piece of code in your website you'll be fine :)

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